Digital Painting in Photoshop

In the past months, I have been researching tutorials about Photoshop as a digital painting alternative. Graphic designing in Photoshop is definitely much different than painting, even though both function with shortcut ‘hot keys’ to move along quicker. I use Corel Painter to paint pet portraits for clients, but I wouldn’t discard Photoshop as another … Continue reading

Artful Christmas Recipes

The holidays are about being with family and getting into the spirit of giving and sharing. When I think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is baking sugar cookies and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows that turn into creamy swirls as they melt, all while listening to the classic tunes like “White … Continue reading

How to Draw a Realistic Dog Eye

When I begin to illustrate a pet portrait, I always start with the eyes. Like the saying goes, “The eyes are the window to one’s soul.” They reveal personality and sentiments. Plus, I don’t want my pets staring back with a blank look—get it? Small joke. Step 1. Sketch out your subject. For the purpose … Continue reading

Artistic Skill-Building: Tracing & Observation

My sixth-grade art teacher once said that tracing is not cheating. Everyone in class gasped at the shocking revelation. It was like hearing a curse word. What happened to originality? Isn’t that plagiarism? Of course it is. No one said you were selling it. Tracing is simply drawing practice. He explained that tracing is a … Continue reading